How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Sales

Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise the sales process, augmenting the essential human touch. Of all corporate functions, sales by its very nature is surely the most people-focused. While it may no longer involve quite as much face-to-face interaction as it once did, selling has remained emphatically a job for people ...

What Does the Future of PR Look Like?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed the media, and subsequently, the PR landscape, is experiencing some pretty dramatic shifts. With the prevalence of technology comes the continuous shift towards digital news sources and the imminent death of print media. In turn, comes the predictable demise of ...

The Importance of Creative Team in Advertising Industry

An advertisement is meant to introduce a product to increase the sales in the best possible way through the provided media. Commonly advertising agencies use television to advertise. Why does television become an important medium for advertising? Because television has a large number of spectators and it is very effective ...

The Importance of Vision as the Source of Success

One key to a leader's success is the ability to build, sell and realize a vision. Vision is a shared dream that becomes the ideal that unites the entire organization. Vision gives meaning to work. Vision is the source of inspiration that drives all employees. Vision is the source of ...

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