Corporate Secretary

In accordance with Regulation No. IX.I.4 in the Attachment Decision of Chairman of Bapepam Number: Kep-63/PM/1996 dated January 17, 1996, FORU appoints the Corporate Secretary as one who serves to facilitate communication between the company and the public as well as maintaining disclosure. The Corporate Secretary also plays an important role to ensure the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners or other stakeholders that the company has complied with the principles of good corporate governance. On this basis, FORU has appointed Indira Ratna Dewi Abidin as Corporate Secretary since 2002.

In performing its duties, the Corporate Secretary is supported by the Legal Division and Communications Division and is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the implementation of the financial disclosure in published financial statements and other information required by the Capital Market
  • Ensuring transparency of information on the results of AGM has been implemented in accordance with prevailing regulations and received by all stakeholders
  • Ensuring the compliance with GCG has been implemented by the company
  • Ensuring the company has complied with all Capital Market regulations and other regulations and laws related to the company
  • Receiving and follow up complaints from external party and complaints or feedback from internal party acting as a whistleblower
  • Following the development of capital market, particularly the prevailing regulations in capital market
  • Providing the public with any information needed by investors relating to the condition of the Company
  • Providing input to the Board of Directors to comply with the provisions of Act No. 8 of 1995 on Capital Market and its implementing regulations
  • Acting as a liaison or contact person between the company and Bapepam and public

Corporate Secretary Profile

Menuk Sudaryanti graduated from Accounting department of University of Indonesia and obtained Post-Graduate Certificate proficiency in Accounting from University of Auckland, New Zealand. Served as an accountant at PwC Indonesia in 1994, and joined Rajawali Corpora in 2008. She currently serves as Finance Director of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk.