DId Gathering: It’s Time for Mid Summer Break!

After a hectic period full of various pitching, on Friday, May 29, 2015, DId team took time to hold a gathering to refresh Fortuners. With the theme of Summer Paradise, the gathering was held by the swimming pool and enlivened with games, performances, photo booths, and birthday celebration for some ...

Hunting for Ta’jil in Galaktika

Behind the working hustle and bustle of Fortuners are queues of people hunting for ta’jil, or fast-breaking snacks, on the second floor of Gedung Galaktika that often turn out to be an interesting sight during the fasting month. Since nearly fifteen years ago, every day during the month of Ramadan, Fortune ...

Profile: Indra Abidin and Muljadi Sulaeman

After a long time holding the leadership position in FORU, and this year you left it, how do you feel? IA: I feel glad and proud to take part in establishing FORU until it survives until today because not many companies can last for decades. MS: I personally feel very happy. Because ...

PR Sebagai Agent Of Change

oleh : Wimpi Handoko Seringkali kehumasan atau layanan public relation dipersepsikan dan diperlakukan terbatas sebagai konsultan yang ahli untuk menjaga, mengawal dan mempertahankan (dan bahkan sering memperbaiki) reputasi sebuah brand melalui kegiatan media relation, penguatan opini publik dan engagement publik yang terencana dan terukur. Semuanya benar dan semuanya adalah layanan kehumasan yang populer ...

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