It has been four decades since FORU was established to carry the spirit of creativity. During the journey, FORU has grown and obtained many achievements along the way. The following are some glorious moments which are well-engraved in FORU milestones.

1970 Affiliated with Fortune International Australia, Mochtar Lubis establishes an integrated local advertising company under the name of PT Fortune Indonesia Advertising Company. This event becomes the first milestone of FORU in Indonesia

1978 One FORU stepping-stone in its historical progression was promoting Instant Milk Powder products from Nestlé and Sampoerna filter cigarettes. This product succeeded in changing domestic consumer tastes and behavior forever. The success of this campaign in the market became a brilliant achievement carved in the track record of FORU

1985 The first experience for FORU in implementing and executing social marketing campaigns was for the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN), promoting ‘Condoms 25’ contraception as part of the national family planning program. FORU successfully dismantled the taboo of buying condoms among the people by introducing 2-5 finger gesture

1986 Indra Abidin took over ownership of FORU with the intention to make FORU as a contributor of national development. The company then developed into a full-service agency with principles based on kinship, universal professionalism and a strong work ethic

1987 Developed and implemented an integrated social marketing campaign for BKKBN to promote the program of ‘Lingkaran Biru KB’. The campaign has made a major contribution to the history of social development in Indonesia and as of today, it is considered by the public as one of the most prominent success stories in social development of this country

1990 In the early 1990s, FORU developed an integrated communications campaign for Dancow Instant, Nestlé, by using a jingle and a tagline “Aku dan Kau Suka Dancow “. The strategies developed by FORU have successfully enabled Dancow to outperform its competitors and become the market leader

1998 As an expert in the field of social marketing, FORU was involved in the recovery program to mitigate the impact of the Asian financial crisis at the time. FORU launched social programs and campaigns that encouraged the use of Indonesian products, with an emphasis on building morale and confidence, as well as appreciation toward the nation’s independence

2002 FORU once again made history as the first advertising company in Indonesia to go public, by listing its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (now the Indonesia Stock Exchange). FORU continued to prove itself as the client’s first choice as an integrated communication developer consultant.

2003 Appointed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the General Elections Commission (KPU) to manage a Voter Information Campaign during the pre-election period. In the following year, FORU was once again appointed to be an agency of UNDP and KPU for the 2004 General Election and Presidential Election. The success in designing and implementing a Voter Information Campaign for the 2004 General Election and Presidential Election is recognized in the UNDP evaluation report published the following year

2008  Redefined its vision to become a world-class Indonesian communications group, driven by sustainable innovative work that will last for 100 years to come

2010 FORU celebrated its 40th anniversary with the spirit of “Better & Younger” hoping to be a company that continues to grow and mature, professionally and creatively. FORU has positioned itself as an important contributor to national development through a variety of its works that made history and had a major impact on the people of Indonesia

2011 Created two new business units, namely PlanB and FSports to enhance FORU’s competitive advantage. PlanB was founded as a specialist in the field of brand activation, whereas FSports, as the name implies, is a specialist in sports marketing services.

2012 FORU redefined its vision to become a superior global communications network. The initial step taken was to release its majority control in the travel services business that had been operated by one of its subsidiaries, PT Fortune Travindo (Travindo). With this step, FORU positioned itself as a developer of integrated marketing communications services, with business to business activities covering advertising services, public relations, digital and media specialist, exhibitions, design, sports marketing, and marketing insight.

2013 After using the distinctive redsphere logo for over ten years, FORU underwent a ‘refresher’ by launching two new logos. The first logo is the official logo of the company as a public company (Tbk) which takes its inspiration from the code name of the company’s shares in the Indonesian Stock Exchange, namely FORU. The second logo is a representation of Fortune Indonesia with a “talk bubble” to indicate meaningful dialogue and interaction as a reflection of the company.

2014 FORU won 13 creative awards during the year, and made it into the ranks of Citra Pariwara’s Top 5 Advertising Agency of the Year. FORU became part of the PT Rajawali Corpora through acquisition by PT Cipta Karya Prima of the majority of issued shares. In this year, FORU also successfully achieved 13 awards throughout the year. Among others, Fortune PR won two golden awards in the prestigious SABRE Award, two awards in the Pinasthika Creative festival, as well as successfully acknowledged into the big four in the 2014 Advertising Agency of the Year in Citra Pariwara.

2015 FORU transfered the baton of leadership by changing the composition of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners at the Extraordinary General Shareholders meeting. During the year, FORU reaped 11 awards. In the national arena, FORU was awarded with four awards outright at the 2015 MIX Agency of the Year event; as Public Relations Agency of the Year, Media Specialist Agency of the Year, Creative Agency of the Year, and Brand Activation Agency of the Year. Meanwhile in the international arena, Fortune PR won the gold medal at the 2015 PR

2016 PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk representing Indonesia, was awarded the Corporate award for Asia at the 2016 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) event. Fortune Indonesia successfully achieved this award, thanks to its resilience through various economic and political crisis including the major crisis that engulfed Indonesia.

2017 Fortune Group held an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS). In the Extraordinary GMS, the shareholders approved the change of the Fortune Group’s Board of Directors. Fortune Group has secured 16 awards throughout the year. Among them : Fortune Indonesia attained 2 silver awards from Citra Pariwara event, and 6 bronze and 2 silver awards from Pinasthika Creativestival event. Fortune Indonesia also manage to be a runner up in the contest for Advertising Agency of The Year 2017 at Pinasthika Creativestival. In the MIX Award, Fortune Indonesia and Fortune PR won 4 awards in different categories. In this year also, Fortune Indonesia’s Digital Business Unit was rebranded into Navya.

2018 Fortune Group has secured 4 awards throughout the year. Among them : PR Indonesia Award as Silver Marketing Public Relations with Lenovo, Bronze Marketing Public Relations with Bank DBS, Most Loved Indonesian Ramadan Ads 2018 Kantar Millward brown version, they are 4 ordinal Pertamina TVC “Tabungan Terbaik”, 9 ordinal Djarum Foundation TVC “Hikmah Puasa”, GIIAS Favorite booth, Favorite Activity Booth, Female (Usher/SPG), and Social media Award Great as Performing Brand in Social Media @sahabatenduroid. In this year also, we have combined advertising team, activation team and digital team became the Integrated team.

2019 Reborn, changing the name into Fortuna.