How Digital Communication Has Changed Business

Our society, today, is driven by digital technology. Digital has affected all aspects of our personal lives. The common example is how the whole population is glued to the smartphones, apparently unable to do the day-to-day activities without it. And this personal trend has largely changed the way businesses work. Technology ...

How Great PR Campaigns Generate Business Growth

In today’s world, factors like globalization and technological advancements have made many business sectors increasingly competitive. As a result of this reality, many corporate leaders and entrepreneurs are searching for business-building strategies that can help them edge out the competition and optimize conversion. If this is one of your company ...

5 Strategies for Effective Digital Media Planning

Digital media have given advertisers new levels of precision and relevancy and created the potential for deep customer engagement. The Internet is an exciting convergence of classic and new media formats that offer a wealth of channels to choose from and a change in the tracking and accountability of marketing. ...

Social Media in Indonesia: Unlocking Indonesia’s Potential

Indonesia has firmly established its status as one of the world’s most active social media nations. The country is ranked globally as the fourth-largest market for Facebook and the fifth largest for Twitter, while the capital Jakarta is the second largest Facebook city in the world. However, a study led by ...

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