Welcoming Eid Al-Fitr, FORU Distributes Fortuners' Infaq

Aid to Orphans and Non-Staff Fortuners The month of Ramadan is a golden opportunity to share with others. In the month of countless blessings, Muslims are competing to increase their charity to pursue the Almighty blessings. Therefore, before celebrating the day of victory,  Eid Al-Fitr 1434 Hijriah, on August 8, 2013, ...

The Importance of a Creative Team in Marketing

Message is one of the most crucial components in marketing communication activities. After all, the real challenge facing marketers is how to find the right way and tactics to get the message across to its target. The creative side of marketing communication is intriguing to learn. Most marketing companies must have ...

Saving 50 Thousand of Fund, Getting 50 Million of Loan

The Many Benefits of Becoming a Member of FORU Cooperative Various programs are developed by the company to ensure the welfare of Fortuners (employees). One of them is a cooperative. Since its inception in 2003, this internal organization continues to experience significant growth. Most Fortuners are familiar with the cooperative, except ...

Innovate or Die!

These three words are very familiar to our ears, and become the motto of many corporate leaders. Many people take up innovation as the key of leadership in market penetration, but they are still wondering about the impact of innovation on the leadership in the capital market. Dow ...

Communicating in Technology Industry

By: Rachma Nadya, Putri Rizky Pramadhani One of the major challenges faced by PR practitioners is representing technology clients. This is due to the distinctive character of the technology practice that requires quick action and fast-changing information. Imagine,only a few weeks after ran innovative product is launched, another product can ...

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