The Importance of Creative Team in Advertising Industry

creative advertisingAn advertisement is meant to introduce a product to increase the sales in the best possible way through the provided media. Commonly advertising agencies use television to advertise. Why does television become an important medium for advertising? Because television has a large number of spectators and it is very effective to persuade people through unique and creative message delivery.
The creative process in advertising covers the basic idea, the development, and the execution that express the market strategy through an effective communication. It includes creating storyboard and storyline to deliver the message.
The creative message delivery of an ad depends on the team who creates it. The creative team of an advertising agency has a very important role. How is it not important? A creative team must ensure they are making innovations, which are easily acceptable, based on the client’s directives. In addition, the points of excellence, quality, and usefulness of the product should also be demonstrated in such a way that it covers the weaknesses of the product.
A creative team is divided into two, art director and copywriter. It is the job of an art director to be the “creative brain” to process all rough and unthinkable ideas into the visual concept that is in line with the client’s wishes. After the art directors come up with the ideas then they do a research, make the creative concept, and create an appealing ad design.
Why is an art director paired with a copywriter? And what are the jobs of a copywriter? The job of a copywriter is to tailor the content of the ads designed by the art director, for instance, by delivering the words or scenario for the ad being created. Both teams should work side by side because the visual ideas and the messages should complement each other and should be perfect in the clients’ eyes. If they are loosely connected, the audience will not get the core message of the ad.
The audience usually catches only a glimpse of what is presented by an ad; therefore, the advertising message must be powerful, supported by an interesting visualization so that the audience will have the recall of the ad in their mind and it will help create the brand image of the product. The creative team must also keep abreast of the phenomenon or trends happening in the audience. This way, the ad messages can be easily assimilated and accepted by the audience. The creative team must also study carefully about the products to be advertised so that the team can properly digest all the explanation from the client and produce the advertisements desired by the client.