PT Fortune Pramana Rancang

2016 represents the year of revitalization for PT FORTUNE PRAMANA RANCANG (FORTUNE PR). All of Fortune PR’s business units merged into a single unit and enabled Fortune PR to provide Public Relations-based Integrated Communication Solution services in a more solid state.

Along with the rapid industrial demand in the midst of an increasingly comprehensive digitalization era, the need for PR services also grows. Additionally, along with the ASEAN Economic Community era that opens the boundaries for multinational industries, foreign brand owners ock to Indonesia to build

their brand equity. In this potential market, Fortune PR (holding the top position in the PR consultancy competition in Indonesia) feels increasingly more challenged to demonstrate its best performance.

With its reputation, Fortune PR manages to maintain the highest level of customer retention. This has been proven by the loyalty of Fortune PR’s partners that have been maintained in various countries, who always return to Fortune PR to support their PR service needs in Indonesia.