DHL Memperkenalkan Evolusi Terbaru

DHL Memperkenalkan Evolusi Terbarunya dalam Pengiriman Internasional

MyDHL+ menyederhanakan dan mempermudah proses pengiriman internasional Menggabungkan peralatan yang paling sering digunakan pelanggan pada satu platform yang mudah digunakan Jakarta, 30 Juli 2018 – DHL, penyedia layanan pengiriman ekspres internasional terkemuka di dunia, telah meluncurkan MyDHL+, aplikasi pengiriman global terdepan di industri yang membawa tingkat kecepatan dan kesederhanaan baru ke ...

Top 5 Trends in Sport Marketing

Sports bring together millions of people at one time. For marketers, sports is something which gives access to a large customer base at one time. With the advent of newer technology, sports has become a huge business today. Sports marketers are constantly adopting the ever-changing technology and coming out with ...

Why eSports are the next Big Thing in the Marketing?

Esports audiences are growing prodigiously, increasing the lure of sponsorship opportunities to a range of brands beyond the tech sector. Hype about esports has reached fever pitch, sparking a scramble by major brands to grab a piece of the action. The sector is awash with money as speculators bet big ...

Hankook Tire Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Groupe Renault

Receives highest score on Purchasing Sustainability in Groupe Renault's Social Contribution Evaluation The company continues to strengthenstrategic partnerships with global automotive brands based on global top tier technology and continuous innovation   July 17, 2018 (Seoul, Korea)– Premium global tire maker Hankook Tire received the Corporate Social Responsibility Awardfrom the global ...

Best Savings Ramadan Pertamina Along Fortune Indonesia

The fasting month is a month full of blessing. The proof of this year's Fortune got the blessing with the unbelievable work on Television Commercial (TVC) Fasting Eid al-Fitr Pertamina. TVC Pertamina themed fasting and Eid al-Fitr this time different by before, although the two concepts are related, but for ...

Universal Robots, Pemimpin Dalam Robot Kolaboratif, Meluncurkan e-Series Baru – Standar Paling Canggih Untuk Platform Otomasi Kolaboratif

Universal Robots kini memiliki dua platform teknologi; seri G3 untuk penerapan yang sudah teruji, dan e-Series sebagai solusi tingkat lanjut   Indonesia, 10 Juli 2018 – Universal Robots, perusahaan robot kolaboratif terkemuka, terus melakukan evolusi terhadap teknologi otomasi kolaboratifnya dengan memperkenalkan cobot seri baru yaitu flagship e-Series. Seri baru ini diluncurkan sesaat ...

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