7 Ways how Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your Brand Promotion

In recent years, influencer marketing has successfully caused a radical shift in the marketing industry by emerging as a promising investment segment for brands to explore new-age promotional strategies. Apart from the traditional forms of marketing such as advertising and PR, influencer marketing has become one of the key pillars ...

Shoppable Content: The New Trend In Content Marketing

In today’s digital age, content is increasingly being viewed as a primary factor behind purchasing decisions in e-commerce. The reason behind this phenomenon, pointing out that people don’t want to buy goods and services — instead, they want to buy relations, stories, and magic. And the marketers of the 21st ...

6 Essential Steps of Digital Media Planning

How to Plan Digital Advertising Strategy It happened to me a lot that I talk to people about digital advertising, and they complain how annoying the online ads are and irrelevant products are being advertised to them. That’s actually where the whole adblocking dilemma originated. Many people are sick of online ...

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