Corporate Culture

Fast Forward

Fast forward the thinking
Fast forward the doing

Leap of Creativity

Leap of attitude
Leap of innovation
Leap of recognition

Yield of Excellence 

Business engineering to gain maximum profits/benefits

In order to improve the implementation of GCG, FORU has formulated guidelines and ethical guidelines called ‘Fortuner Guidelines’ as the foundation for every Fortuner in interacting with stakeholders and fellow Fortuner. FORU is confident that by implementing the GCG gradually and consistently, it will improve and influence the mindset, attitudes, and behavior of every Fortuner. Fortuner Guideline has been in effect since 2002. In order to realize good and sustainable implementation of GCG, the guideline should be adhered to by every Fortuner, which covers the entire Board of Directors, as well as employees.

Fortuners Guideline consists of 9 items covering:

Initiative Do not wait for orders – Take initiative on your own
Plan Execute, Once initiated, finish it
Ideas Be the fount of ideas
Cooperator Establish cooperation with others
Open Prepared listener finds a better way
Principled Willing to find the most correct opinion
Lead Take a pole position
Take the hard task Likes challenge
Integrity His word can be marked