About Us

Fortune Group’s presence in the world of modern advertising in Indonesia was initiated by Mochtar Lubis, a novelist and a senior Indonesian journalistic figure who, along with Fortune International Australia, established Fortune Advertising and Management Consultants.

On May 5, 1970, Fortune Advertising and Management Consultants officially became PT Fortune Indonesia Advertising Company based on Deed No. 5 of Dian Paramita Tamzil, S.H., a substitute of Notary Djojo Mulyadi S.H. In 1978, the management of Fortune Group was of cially taken over by Indra Abidin. Since then, Fortune Group has consistently delivered superior advertising services for leading brands and has strengthed its position as one of the major players in the domestic advertising industry. Fortune Group has since spread its wings by establishing three subsidiaries: Fortuna Network Indonesia (Integrated Marketing Communication Services), Fortune Adwicipta (Graphic Design and Exhibition Services), and Fortune Pramana Rancang (Public Relations Services).

In 2002, Fortune Group assertively entered the public company market and established itself as the first Indonesian advertising agency to become a public company. With the success of its initial public offering, Fortune Group became of officially listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange under the name of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk.

Fortune Group’s business solutions expanded over time and became integrated with the presence of Brand Activation and Digital Marketing business solutions, allowing Fortune Group to step up and fully respond to the increasingly evolving challenges of the industry.

Through steadfast commitment in providing the best advertising and communication services, Fortune Group continues to develop itself into an entity with superior capabilities. Through consistency in realizing this commitment, Fortune Group has reaped many achievements and continues to be trusted by thousands of clients to share the same passion, spirit and inspiration. Fortune Group always shows excellent growth performance every year due to its business strategies that are focused on accelerating growth specifically through its investment efforts in new business development. By continuing to strengthen its business operations and innovate, Fortune Group is confident that it will achieve even greater growth in the coming years.