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After 49 years, Indonesia’s giant local advertising agency brand is entering a new era. With an updated look, fresh new spirit, the debut of bold new management and with strong united teams, Fortune, with its new name, Fortuna, is re-energizing and modernizing itself for a new generation of integrated business solutions agency.

Being one of the oldest Indonesian integrated business communication agency, Fortuna, under its new ownership of Rajawali Corpora, is confident to offer the global quality of strategic & creative consultancy and public relation solutions, without forgetting its Indonesian roots. “Proudly embracing our Indonesianess, in this relaunch journey, we wanted to be bold, integrated and be innovative in our approach. And most importantly, we wanted to stay true to our roots, while recasting the brand for a new generation,” said Edhy Bawono, the CEO of Fortuna.

He continued, “We understand fully our experiences have taken us to where we are now, but we’re modernizing what has made us stay competitive and relevant to today’s digital world for a new generation. The same, if not better, expertise on Indonesian insights and market situations still comes through and here to stay, but we’re making the brand more relatable and more authentic.”

“We will never be able to do this without a strong, integrated team and supports from the Rajawali Corpora behind us,” Menuk Sudaryanti, the CFO of Fortuna completed the statement.

New Name, New Look.

“The small change with big impact on its name – changing the last letter from Fortune into Fortuna represents our vision in striving for the highest aim. Indonesian sees a name as a form of good wish, and the new name carries the wishes of the company to progress from Fortune that means “luck” into Fortuna that means “the Goddess of luck”. That from grade “e” to grade “a”. And as a commitment in embracing its Indonesian soul, from an English name to a Bahasa word that is also a universal meaning word, representing the true proud Indonesian heart, with our global mindset,” explained Ratna Puspita, the CCO of Fortuna.

For the design, the opportunity to rethink, to build on its heritage and create a visual language that will help to write its next chapter – is a valuable momentum. Visual evolution elevates the brand, while still using at its foundation, the red core brand visual asset. A refreshed visual identity, keeping the color pallete of its old brand identity (dark grey, red and white) that also reflection of Indonesian flag, and the circle element that turns into “a lively universe” live up to Fortuna’ s new spirit and image.

Ratna Puspita added, “The color combination and typography simultaneously preserves our heritage, yet presents it in a more progressive, modern manner.”

Rewriting Story and A Personality Progression.

Together, the new name and visual identity represent a brand and personality progression for Fortuna, a year before it turns 50 in 2020 (soon to be half-century!).

Being a challenger brand that stands the test of time, talents behind Fortuna are now thirstier than ever in providing effective creative solutions for the advertising, digital and public relation industry clients. A robust integrated internal and external campaign about the change also express an emboldened and confident point of view for the revamped brand.

Fortuna believes that with this new beginning, the company will continue to re-energize and strengthen its positioning and services to be the top choice for an integrated business solutions agency in people’s (both clients and talents) hearts and mind.


FORTUNA previously known as Fortune Indonesia Group is a company established since 1970. FORTUNA offers its services as an Integrated Business Communication Solution Agency that consist of integrated digital and communications advertising, public relations, brand & event activation, media planning and investment, exhibition, brand consulting to marketing research services. FORTUNA is known by the public for its success in running several marketing campaigns that had a huge impact in Indonesia. FORTUNA since its inception has been trusted to be the partner of national and multinational private companies, government, NGOs, and donor organizations. Further information can be seen in

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