The Power of Social Media Engagement to Increase Brand Awareness

By. TB. Arief M. Associate Director Fortune PR  Making social media marketing as a valuable and effective tool for promoting your brands to generate more results With businesses become more competitive every day, it is important for brands to create greater visibility and awareness to their targeted audiences. Just having a website ...

How to Maximize a Visual Storytelling Through Infographics

By. Upik Rubiyanti Associate Creative Director of Fortune PR Creating an infographics to drive deeper engagement In today’s fast-paced digital environment, how does your company successfully spiced up a content marketing campaign with visual content that are engaging? And how does your company communicate their messages in a concise and interesting way? Some ...

Creative and Innovative Thinking in Business

People commonly say to themselves: "I'm not creative". In fact, creativity is something that can be trained if we are willing and determined on it. You need to break the theory that high creativity only belongs to certain people. The rise and fall of business depend on your creativity. Your business ...

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