Commemorating the Earth Day, Sanggar Fortune held Recycling Festival at One Belpark Mall on Saturday, April 15, 2017. The event was attended by all Sanggar Fortune PAUDs and other PAUDs in South Jakarta. The Recycling Festival is held to foster children’s love of the sustainability of the earth from an early age through creative waste management education.

This is reflected in the series of activities in the Recycling Festival in which the children participated in fashion show contest using recycled waste and waste relay race.

This recycling festival represents the expression of environmental care through the artistic creations¬†made by the communities and individuals who care for the earth. “We hold this Recycling Festival to facilitate the expression and the education to the community to be more creative in handling the dry waste and to encourage the 3R behavior, which is to reduce, reuse, and recycle,” said Gita Galantari, Marketing & Corporate Communication Manager of Fortune Indonesia.

In addition to recycling waste into clothing to be exhibited in the fashion show contest, the Recycling Festival also features creative products made from recycled waste. In this occasion, waste materials made into percussion instruments were also displayed and performed by Kresipah IISIP. “Our partners have proven that trash can be transformed into something useful and even economically valuable,” concluded Gita.

“The majority of participants in the Recycling Festival are early-aged children in their golden age period. This age is the ideal time for children to learn a variety of skills and form the habits that will affect their life in the future. We hope this activity can build a generation that has a love and high concern for the environment,” said Miranty Abidin, Founder of Sanggar Fortune Foundation.

The Recycle Festival was held owing to the support of Amazing City, Fortune Indonesia, Rajawali Corpora, Rajawali Foundation, Bank Sampah My Darling, Batu Gunting Kertas, Food Bank of Indonesia, Paper Jewwlry, Dwidaya Tour, Happy Dental, and One belpark Mall.