Customers / Clients


Fortune Group is committed to its business partners and clients to provide highly creative concepts that can optimally deliver communication objectives. The commitment is embodied into three of Fortune Group’s main advantages namely:

  • Product leadership
  • Service excellence
  • Customer intimacy

These three advantages represent employees’ main focus that must be realized continuously.

In addition, Fortune Group also ensures excellent value-added services and measurable quality management through five main indicators, namely:

  • Fortune Group’s finances – in relation to profitability, margins, and efficiency
  • People productivity.
  • External conditions – in relation to market share.
  • Internal conditions – in relation to the working system, culture and communications.
  • Innovations needed so that FORU can always compete with the most current business trends in the industry.

These five indicators are summarized into a tool called Strategy Into Action (SIA). Through these indicators, Fortune Group maintains its service quality that is always oriented towards clients’ satisfaction and measurable results.

Fortune Group also publishes complete and transparent company information on its official website and social media to satisfy the needs of its clients and the wider community. Managed by the Corporate and Marketing Communication team, the performance of Fortune Group’s website and social media is constantly optimized through the Key Performance Index (KPI). The KPI is designed to measure the level of traffic, the level of engagement, and the effectiveness of its Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fortune Group’s websites and social media receive hundreds of viewers and unique visitors daily. Through these media, Fortune Group also shares useful information in relation to the marketing and communication industry.

Fortune Group prioritizes clients’ satisfaction, which is proven by the exceptionally high level of client loyalty. As well as positive Word of Mouth regardingFortune Group. The achievement is inseparable from the statement : “Developed people will produce the best products and services”, which encourages FORU to always pay attention to the well-being of its employees, resulting in optimum performance. Going forward,Fortune Group is optimistic in developing the best employees and the best efforts that encourage harmonization between all stakeholders through value-added long-term benefits.