Marketing Strategies Based On Generation Behavior

Every turn of the year marks the emergence of the generation to come. As this generation grows up and the behavior of those born within the years reaches a full homogeneity, the characteristic of the new generation is emerging. The younger generation will always enjoy the progress made by the ...

The Role of Social Media in Business Marketing Strategies

Social brand recognition, public engagement, social advertising, and ROI are a few of the components that a brand needs to consider or when entering into the social media realm. Social networking, where clients or consumers interact, becomes a tool for a brand to reach its audience. Utilizing social media channels like ...

Introducing the Meaning of Sacrifice since Early Age

                "Who knows what animal it is?" asked Gusti, pointing to a picture. "Cowww!" shouted the children in unison. "How does a cow sound?" asked Gusti again testing the children. "Moooooo ..." answered the children as they pursed their mouth. Tuesday morning, September 29, 2015, ...


Jakarta, October 7th, 2016 – Whether it is staying cool in the pool, sliding down a water slide or drifting lazily along a lazy river, everyone needs a day off from piles of paper works. We all love a good splash every now and then. Life at a busy communication agency ...

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