Effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth marketing

Have you ever thought about the best way to market your brand? And have you ever heard of word-of-mouth marketing strategy? Word-of-mouth marketing or WOMM is a promotional strategy done either orally or in written form, online or offline, performed without charge. According to Entrepreneur Media, WOMM is the most ...

KITA Bercerita Inaugurates Elsafan Foundation for the Blind as Rumah Cerita

KITA (Keluarga Indonesia Teman Anak) Bercerita inaugurated Elsafan Foundation for the Blind as Rumah Cerita (House of Stories) on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Rumah Cerita is a place with lots of books, storytelling aids, and administrators who are committed to spending 10 minutes to tell stories to children on daily basis. KITA Bercerita as ...

Sinar Mas Land Memprakarsai The 3rd Indonesia International Robot Show 2017.

Tangerang, 18 Februari 2017   Photo caption :   Anak anak dari berbagai sekolah terlihat antusias menghadiri acara The 3rd Indonesia International Robot Show 2017 yang di prakarsai oleh Sinar Mas Land dan berlangsung di AEON Mall BSD City (18/02). Indonesia International Robot Show merupakan ajang robotika yang mempersembahkan segala hal tentang robotik ...

Strategies to Creating Great Catchy Ads

There are many ways to create an ad that attracts the attention of many people, but not many ads attempt to create customers. In fact, some of them only emphasize the aspects of attraction. There is no doubt that an ad must be able to attract people's attention. Being attractive ...

Menjelajah Peluang Studi dari Berbagai Universitas Internasional di Pameran dan Seminar Pendidikan EDUEXPOS, Jakarta

Jakarta, 16 Februari 2017 – Siswa-siswa Indonesia akan berkesempatan untuk bertemu langsung dengan pihak universitas-universitas internasional terkemuka di dunia dalam pameran pendidikan EDUEXPOS pada 23 Februari 2017 mendatang. Acara ini bertujuan untuk membantu siswa-siswa Indonesia dalam memilih universitas yang tepat untuk melanjutkan studi di berbagai negara seperti Amerika Serikat, Kanada, ...

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