Why Advertisers Must Embrace Artificial Intelligence for Advertising Campaigns

With the ever-changing advances in technology, it can be hard to keep up at times. One big tech advancement we’ve been hearing a lot of lately? Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence may be the single most important innovation shaping the future of the advertising industry, and it’s happening now. This isn’t a hypothetical scenario for the future. AI advertising is the present.

But there are many questions surrounding AI and whether it’s worth the investment. What does it actually bring to the table that advertisers currently aren’t getting from their ad campaigns?

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence for advertisers?
The immediate benefits of artificial intelligence are that it empowers humans to perform like pros and frees them to do more strategic work. AI does the thinking for your team in terms of targeting, budget allocation and increasing performance which allows your team to put their attention on other, big-picture tasks.

AI allows for more granular targeting as it generates correlations that humans can’t. This is due to the fact that it takes in more data and processes it faster than the human mind. With all of this speed, it not only generates better campaigns, but it also increases efficiency. We’ve identified that AI helps media buying teams manage up to 25x more campaigns.

Another great benefit of artificial intelligence is that it can determine which targeting segments are working better than others and shift your budget to them while pausing less effective ones. This type of multivariate testing lowers your costs and takes your ad spending further.

Why should you invest in artificial intelligence?
Investing in AI advertising should be a no-brainer as you don’t want to fall behind the competition. It will completely change the way advertising works because AI basically gives computers the ability to think like humans. It automates your advertising process and brings new and exciting possibilities.

This technology also has the ability to make itself smarter based on past performances. Just as people do, AI teaches itself how to do better and gradually gets smarter as it works.

Using AI programmatic advertising enhances your targeting plans by identifying the best possible interests, keywords and custom affinities. By delivering better advertising to the right customer, AI also helps you build better relationships with these customers.

Another great reason to invest is that it allows for real-time feedback that can be turned into actionable campaign adjustments, such as in-flight improvements to bid and budget allocation. It moves your money to what works which helps you save money.

It also helps you gain a 30-70% increase in performance which, as mentioned above, can lower the cost of your campaigns. It does this by using data and algorithms to predict outcomes and set up campaigns before they’re even run.

Spending now to save later
All in all, embracing AI for advertising is an easy choice to make. Why wouldn’t you want to save costs and time while creating better and more targeted campaigns?

AI-powered tools are also great for avoiding potential mistakes for someone who may not know as much about the advertising world. For example, the junior media buyer might not know that advertising costs in December are more expensive due to the amount of competition for ad space surrounding the holidays.

AI stores past campaign information to better predict your campaign outcomes, making even the newest members of your team perform like seasoned pros. One investment in one of the most powerful tools for advertising can result in big advancements for your campaigns.

Taylor Schaller