Word-of-Mouth Marketing in the Digital Age

The advancement of technology that leads to the emergence of social media in today's digital age has changed the way consumers receive marketing messages and perceive advertising. The whole process of buying a product has changed, and traditional advertising has begun to lose its meaning and influence. To some extent, Paid ...


 THE BRIEF Kärcher as one of the worldwide largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment, is a new company in Indonesia. THE CHALLENGE to develop and implement communications campaign to: Grab public attention Enhance trust and confidence to brand image and engagement PROGRAMS Press Conference Press Release Contest Media Tour Social Media activities Media Gathering RESULTS The case-study ...

Effectiveness of Social Media in Supporting Online Marketing

Social Media Effectiveness - With the advancement of technology today, advertisers promote their products not only using online television media and websites but they also start using social media channels. They begin using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to interact with their customers through comments and tweets shared by their ...

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