What Does the Future of PR Look Like?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed the media, and subsequently, the PR landscape, is experiencing some pretty dramatic shifts. With the prevalence of technology comes the continuous shift towards digital news sources and the imminent death of print media. In turn, comes the predictable demise of ...

5 Ways to be a Hero With Your Company Media Investment

Companies invest tremendous time and effort creating “lean” organizations to maximize value for their owners or shareholders, and then leave media value that they’ve already paid for to languish in someone else’s pocket. We regularly see media value left on the table, shrugged off, cast aside by advertisers who do ...

Humor in Advertising: Smart Advertising Choices?

Advertisers almost universally want to be clever in their advertising. Humor is the first thing they go for, after clever word play. Is this a good advertising strategy? The big sin in advertising and marketing is being boring. A market will forgive almost anything else. But a boring sales letter, commercial, ...

Advertising Humor: Smart Advertising Choice?

Many advertisers want to use smart ads to promote their products. Humor becomes the very next choice they take after a smart word game. So, is humor the right ad strategy? One of the big sins in advertising and marketing is a boring promotion. Potential customers may forgive other flaws but ...

Supporting Online Business through Offline Advertising

Improve Traffic. Generate sales. Raise profit. For businesses that are using websites, the above phrases serve as encouragement. However, some business people failed to make them happen. This is because there is some kind of unwritten code of the web advertisement. You will only succeed on the internet if you use online ...

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