Supporting Online Business through Offline Advertising

Online-OfflineImprove Traffic. Generate sales. Raise profit.
For businesses that are using websites, the above phrases serve as encouragement. However, some business people failed to make them happen.
This is because there is some kind of unwritten code of the web advertisement. You will only succeed on the internet if you use online advertising methods such as search engines, banners and buying online advertising space. Online marketing is indeed one of marketing methods but there is also another way to consider: offline advertising. So, although your business has gone online, it does not mean you no longer need the offline advertising.
There are 3 offline advertising media that are beneficial to drive your audience to your business website:
1. Print media.
This category includes magazines, flyers, yellow pages, newspapers, brochures, posters, banners, billboards, and even business cards. By stating your website address on such offline media, the audience will hopefully be attracted to visit your website.
Whatever media you choose in this category, you can turn your potential customers into online customers once they know the website address you state in the print ads. Use interesting ways to direct them to your website by perhaps giving discounts or bonuses to online shoppers or at least more information that can be the ‘answer’ to the curiosity of the potential customers. So make sure your buyers get ‘something’ valuable if then they pay an online visit.
2. Radio ads.
The radio ads in 30 or 60 second spots can be used as a mean of advertising. The advantage of radio advertising is that you can target your audience. A certain age group with its lifestyle is usually attached to a specific radio format. For example, there is a radio format targeting young people, others targeting professionals or a combination of some criteria.
The key components of your radio commercial advertisement include at least the name, address, phone number and a selling message. And, always remember to invite the listeners to visit your website. Repeat your website address for at least twice, and tell them what they will get if they visit the website.
3. Television.
Television advertising is indeed costly. If your advertising budget is limited, you can rely on local television. When you want to target a more specific audience, for instance you are selling sports products, it will be more useful if you advertise through the television channels which broadcast sporting events as its dominant programs.
Commercial and infomercial ads can be means of your website promotions. Keep in mind you should display your website address in such a way that viewers can easily see it.
Such is the situation where technology forces us to adapt to using it so that the purpose and objectives of advertising can be achieved as planned.
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