Marketing Strategies Based On Generation Behavior

Big group of young jumping people.Every turn of the year marks the emergence of the generation to come. As this generation grows up and the behavior of those born within the years reaches a full homogeneity, the characteristic of the new generation is emerging. The younger generation will always enjoy the progress made by the previous generation. Sometimes the older generation is struggling to accept the habits and behaviors of the younger generation. But again, this is commonplace because the new generation lives with a set of values different from that of the previous generation.
As a matter of fact, the birth of various generations in Indonesia is caused by certain momentum. Those raised in the post-war era of independence are the hard-working type who lived in an era of high economic growth. The present generation is growing in the era of reformation and information. They are raised in the era of democratization and freedom of expression. They grow in a time when internet penetration is getting deeper in Indonesia. They are the generation that dares to open their private lives and appear in public. Nevertheless, that’s the cycle of human history. The theory of balance will always happen. The new generation will always be contradictory to the previous generation, and then some of the later behavioral patterns will be similar to those of the previous generation.
As marketers, determining the marketing strategy that matches the behavior patterns of the current generation is very important, otherwise, you will be left behind. It can occur that our brand becomes too closely attached to the existing generation. As a result, you need to refresh your brand. Not all products can have the legacy of a generation that can be accepted by consumers.
We must carefully anticipate the generational change. Like technology, the 4G generation will soon shut down 2G and 3G generation. We may not be able to predict what momentum in the future that will create a generation with a completely new pattern of behavior. However, we must closely watch every change of the existing lifestyle. Otherwise, there might be a time when the new emerging generation rejects your products.