Ideal Muslim Integrates Personal and Social Piety

Thursday Islamic Study with Ustadz Afdholi
pak ustad pengajianMany thought that the only way to be a Muslim whom God loves is merely by building spiritual piety. In fact, a good Muslim should be able to not only devote themselves vertically (to God), but also positively establish horizontal relationships (with the community).
The importance of balancing the two dimensions were presented by Ustadz Afdholi in the Islamic study held on Thursday night in Agus Salim room, Fortune Group office, Galaktika Building, last April 11, 2013. In biweekly study held every second and fourth Thursday night, Ustadz Afdholi shared tips for integrating personal piety to God and social piety.
For most Muslims, fostering good vertical relationship might be difficult. Therefore, in the study, Ustadz Afdholi shared one of the ways. “Give yourself completely to Allah. Why? Because our life belongs to Allah, whatever happens is in Allah’s scenario. There is no coincidence because everything has been planned by Allah, “he said.
Without realizing it, Muslims have actually always recited Allah’s command to surrender to Him through Iftitah reading in prayer. ‘Inna sholati wanusuki wamahyaya wamamati lillahi Rabbil alamin’ means ‘solemnly my prayer, devotion, life and death is because of Allah, Lord of the Universe’. “When praying, we always read it. But when a problem comes along, where are the readings? We often forget the readings when we are in trouble, “said Ustadz Afdholi.
pak ustad pengajian2Submitting to Allah is the sturdiest backrest when we are buffetted by problems. It is not the matter of how big or small the problem is, but where we bring our problem. The brain has found it difficult to think about the problems we had the day before. If we add it with today’s problems, living our life would feel so exhausting. “Therefore, just leave it to Allah. Believe me, He never disappoints us. If He can create the universe, He can definitely solve our problems,” said Ustadz Afdholi.
Surrendering all to Allah means we have full confidence in any decision Allah makes. “Even if His decision is not in accordance with what we want, it does not mean that Allah does not want to give it to you. But because He knows what is best for us. It is possible that what we enjoy is hated by Allah and vice versa, “said Ustadz.
To be an ideal Muslim, we should not forget the social dimension as well. Working is one of the ways to build it. In surah Al Jumuah verse 10, the command of working goes along with the command of offering prayer. Therefore, we should not merely think about the Hereafter while neglecting the work. We oftentimes forget that even working has the value of performing good deed provided that the prerequisite is met. What is it? “Positive intention. When we leave for work with positive intention, then our footsteps toward the place of work are reckoned as doing good deed. It is even equivalent to striving in the path of Allah,” explained Ustadz Afdholi.
In addition to lecturing Islamic teaching to the Fortuners, Ustadz Afdholi also led the recitation of surah Yasin in congregation with the Fortuners. For the Fortuners who wish to join the program, the next agenda will be on Thursday, 25 April 2013.
Finance Staff of Fortune Indonesia Iik Widati, who has regularly joined the program since it was held for the first time at the end of last March, was enthusiastic. In her view, the spiritual refreshment like this is necessary for Fortuners to refresh themselves. “As delivered by the spiritual teacher, there must be a balance between work and worship. Well, this program is one of the answers.
It is really good because there is Islamic study and Yasin recitation. This is a good interlude since we are sometimes neglectful to recite the Holy Quran whenever we are busy with our work. Moreover, the delivery of the lecture by the teacher is fun, not patronizing nor boring at all,” she said.
Gita Galantari, Corporate Communications Specialist of Fortune Group as one of the team organizers said she was surprised with the response of the Fortuners. “In the beginning, I was pessimistic, worried that not many would come for the event was held in the evening. Apparently, there were still many Fortuners who were willing to spare their time to read Yasin together and listen to the lecture from the invited ustadz. Many Fortuners claimed to get not only religious knowledge but also more life wisdom from this program. We deliberately invited the youth-spirited ustadz, so that Fortuners would not feel bored. I feel really glad, “she explained.