Life in Mobile

life in mobileAs one of the countries with the largest population in the world, it is inevitable that Indonesia, as a country with very rapid Internet usage growth, becomes a very potential market. This condition is directly proportional to the growth of smartphone users in Indonesia.
If we look back at the year 2010, compared to feature phone users, there was only around 16 percent of Indonesian population uses smartphones. The number of smartphone users continues to grow significantly to 65 percent in 2015. Moreover, this number is expected to rise to 96 percent in 2020. This condition is quite likely to happen with the rapid growth and readiness of 4G LTE network infrastructure.
From the above data, it is expected that in the future, mobile is one of the media that brands should reckon when carrying out campaigns and interactions in order to achieve the determined business targets. In Asia Pacific, Indonesia has become one of the countries with the largest growth of smartphone users.
If we observe the current trend, both television and digital device show domination of e-commerce brands or companies which consider mobile applications as highly crucial for their business. Traveloka, Tokopedia and Bukalapak are brands with top spending ads in Indonesia.
Getting back to mobile, it’s time for brands to take advantage of this platform as the medium to interact with their target audience and even to become solutions for their business.
Recently, many brands are taking advantage of the trend happening in mobile for promotion or campaign activities. For example, the fact that Ace Hardware becomes one of the brands which utilize Pokemon Go game, that people in Indonesia and even in the world love, is quite brilliant. Ace Hardware makes use of this location-based GPS game to draw visitors into their outlets to search for Pokemon monsters and so at the same time, it can carry out promotions.
As an old player in the advertising industry, Fortune Indonesia, through Fortune DId as one of its business units that focuses on digital services, sees it very challenging to explore mobile platform as a channel to interact with the target audience through innovative and creative ways.
“Being a new ‘Fortuner’ in Fortune Indonesia and leading Fortune Digital is a big challenge and trust. I certainly hope that Fortune Digital could be the answer or business solution for the clients in facing today’s digital era.” said Irwan Wahyudianto, Digital Business Unit Director Fortune Indonesia.
Irwan Wahyudianto
Digital Business Unit Director
PT. Fortune Indonesia Tbk