Kansai Paint – Case Studies


Kansai Paint was willing to engage more with the Indonesian people, especially the Moslems during the holy month of Ramadhan. Kansai Paint held Corporate Social Responsibility project called “Kansai Paint Warnai Masjid Indonesia”, which aimed to paint 10 mosques in five cities in Indonesia.

The Objectives

  • To strengthen bonds between brand with Indonesian Moslem communities, local or national religious leaders, community leaders and the government.
  • To establish brand recognition for Kansai Paint as the brand that cares for Moslem communities.

Campaign Strategy

Fortune PR suggested Kansai Paint to do the “Kansai Paint Warnai Masjid Indonesia” in 5 cities and painting two mosques in each city.

The Execution

  • By selecting ten mosques in five major cities, Kansai Paint team up with 47 painters, 250 persons from the mosque caretakers, 200 young mosque community members to rejuvenate those mosques.
  • Through Warnai Majid Indonesia campaign, Kansai Paint gained a lot of recognition from both traditional and social media.


  • The campaign listed as a Finalist in the Community Relations category in SABRE Award 2015
  • Positive feedback from the communities and journalists.
  • Got brand recognition nationwide
  • The campaign considered as the real social activity with direct benefit in preserving the historical public infrastructure.