Be a Formula One Leader to Earn Formula One Team Members

pemimpin-iaEvery team member has the potential to be someone with the ability of a Formula 1 race car. The key is whether or not we, as the leader, are able to build them into a race car.
Every sophisticated car requires an advanced driver. Without expertise, even the most advanced car is useless. And how can we win the game if we, as the drivers, are unable to build a sophisticated race car and drive it?
And so does a leader. A leader is leading people with potential. Can we explore that potential? Can we work with them and bring the team to victory by revealing their extraordinary potential?
A friend complained, “When he worked with me he worked lazily. But after he quit, he did his job well at another place.”
“Well, you can’t be mad at him. The question is why didn’t he work as hard as he does now? So now, how can you make everybody working with you great?”
The important things leaders can do to explore the potential of those they lead are:

  1. Always explore their vision or dreams.

Build alignment with the vision and the objectives of the company. If the company’s goal is to become the number one in the industry, how can the team’s dream help realize the company’s goal to be the number one in the industry?
Talk about dreams. Leaders are dream makers. Discuss how their dreams can be realized and thus help realize the dream of the company.
See how their passion is burning as they become aware that they actually work to realize their dreams.

  1. Keep improving the quality of the questions, limit instructions.

An instruction is loud and clear, but it does not either explore the potential or empower people. In a critical situation, instructions and commands are necessary. But in exploring potential, a leader must use questions and improve the quality of the questions.
To achieve our shared dream, which role are you playing?
What can you contribute to making this company the number one in the industry?
Why is it important?
To whom is it important?
If you do it consistently, get better every day, what kind of professional will you become?
What figure do you admire and successfully realize your ideal?
If the figure you admire were here, what message would he/she give you?
What values do you have to keep in realizing your dreams?
Which competency is important for you to realize it?
So what do you need to do to make it happen?
How do you keep your commitments?
How can I help you?
These questions make their brain work harder and tap their potential. Instructions could not explore potential as effectively as these questions.

  1. Keep accountable.

Never tolerate any weak commitment. Always keep the commitments in order to realize what has been agreed upon.
Do not build your own assumptions or guess what is happening. And do not judge, “He is supposed to do this or that.” It is often the case and thus makes the leaders fail to help to build potential.
Immediately ask:
What have you done successfully in this case?
What makes you successful doing it?
What do you need to improve?
What did not run well?
How can you make it better?

  1. Visualize your dreams and keep asking yourself whether it has become a reality

Visualization makes dreams alive in their subconscious mind, and it develops the body systems that help achieve its realization.
Continue to check and ask questions to maintain the team’s commitment to realizing the dream.

  1. Believe.

Be confident, believe and expect that they can. Keep encouraging from behind, be a friend and mentor by their side and give necessary directives from the front.
Your trust is going to spur them to become a formula 1 team member and make you a driver who deserves to drive a Formula 1 race car.
Indira Abidin