Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia) – Case Studies


MCA-Indonesia is an Indonesian trustee institution to implement a five year MCC Compact program with Republic of Indonesia to reduce poverty through economic growth, which will be achieved through the implementation of 3 projects: Green prosperity, Community-based on health & nutrition programs to reduce stunting and procurement modernization.

To create positive profile of MCC Compact Indonesia’s contribution to the poverty alleviation through economic growth and create positive support for its project’s implementation.


  • Create consistent key messages and conduct a branding/marking strategy

  • Presenting messages relevant to compact program cycles

  • Increased information availability and accessibility

  • Build an active media relations

  • Conduct regular public events

  • Build and maintain stakeholder engagement activities

  • Support project level communications program to promote their work


  • Create the communication strategy and plan for MCA
  • Support MCA in executing the communication plan
  • Position MCA as a reputable Indonesia trustee institution to implement 3 millennium challenge projects


Positive profile of MCA-Indonesia in media and public through publication and coverage gathered during the project period.

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