FORU Cooperative Shares Dividend

In the general meeting of all cooperative members on Thursday, July 21, 2016, Nur Rochim Achmad as the general chairman of FORU Cooperative informed that the dividend (SHU) of FORU cooperative will be distributed at the end of July or on August 1, 2016 at the latest.
The recorded total of net profit of FORU cooperative throughout 2015 reaches IDR 264,995,474. 80% of which amounted to IDR 211,996,379 will be distributed as the dividend while the other 20% of IDR 52,999,095 will be allocated as general reserve and operational costs.
The dividend sharing scheme of FORU cooperative this year is somewhat different from previous years. Shareholders will receive higher dividend than the debtors with a ratio of 60% and 40% respectively worth IDR 127,197,828 and IDR 84,798,552. All FORU cooperative members of approximately 250 persons are entitled to the dividend, under the condition that they have an investment in FORU Cooperative in 2015, regardless of the amount.
Fortuners who are interested in becoming FORU Cooperative members can contact Syamsurizal or Erica Nasution (Gedung Galaktika, 2nd Floor). When they become members, they will get an ID to log in on FORU Cooperative website. Next, Fortuners can see their deposit amount and apply for loans through the website.