Time to Enter the Digital Marketing Era

era post digital marketingIt seems that we are currently entering the post-digital marketing period. Just like the shift from modern to post-modern in art and architecture, post-digital marketing also means that digital innovation is merging with traditional marketing fundamentals to create new approaches, new brand leaders, and latest models for success. What should be realized about post-digital marketing is that today the digital platform has become a foundation, and no longer an experiment. Digital marketing has moved rapidly following traditional marketing and campaigns. So, what do we need to do to welcome the post-digital marketing era? Here are some things we can do in the future:
Set the budget based on the results instead of the past
Many marketing plans start with the question “What’s last year’s budget?” and “What needs more support this year?” Marketers in the post-digital era should stop doing this. They need to start learning about the customer’s media consumption patterns in order that marketers can maximize the reach, depth, and bond with various points of each phase of customers’ life. Post-digital marketers need to know how to centralize their resources and balance them in order to integrate different areas to achieve the highest productivity. For example, move the five percent budget for television advertising to online video because the media is proven more effective to reach the right audience. This will definitely streamline your marketing budget.
Put customers’wishes first
Ford has successfully done this. They have found the very important thing which is that the customers of their latest car models, such as Fiesta, apparently enjoy using any communications media except television. This finding makes Ford run the latest Fiesta campaign through social and digital media to attract new buyers. This way, Ford only spends 10 percent of the cost usually spent for a new car campaign through traditional media. This is what the post-digital marketers need to do. Design a campaign according to the customer’s wishes, using the media that are used by the target market.
Hire a post-digital agency
Entering the post-digital era, marketers need to hire post-digital agency as well. Why? Because this post-digital agency will develop research, brands, and the existing resources in order to define customers, create content, and deliver messages in both digital and traditional formats.
Bring digital world into real world
Post-digital marketers need to sit together with their production partners to find new ways that connect the customers in the virtual world with the real world. They need to figure out how to bring customers who love to communicate in cyberspace to the outlets that exist in the real world. We cannot literally digitize everything. It’s a matter of how we combine them properly. So, are you ready to enter the post-digital marketing era in the future?