Warga Mengajar : The Fun Learning of Big and Small

IMG_6865“So, which apple is big?” asked Yulfi pointing at 2 pictures of apples with different sizes. “The big one”, shouted some children as they replied innocently. That morning (24/11), the children of Sanggar Fortune 3 located in Lenteng Agung were learning the concept of big and small in English. That day, Studio Fortune 3 was visited by a guest teacher named Yulfiani Suryati, an English teacher at the International Language Programs (ILP) along with several Fortuners.

While singing, the children were learning the concept of big and small. “This is big, this is small”, the 3 to 5 year-old children sang the cute song, holding hands forming small and big circle. These little kids seemed to listen and actively imitate the teachers. At the end of the learning activities, Yulfi read them a tale of an Elephant and a Hare that help each other in the woods.

For Yulfi, this is her new experience teaching children at PAUD (Early Childhood Education Center). “Really fun. We can learn a lot from these children. We must concern for details, manage the class well, and make the class alive so that the children do not get bored. Hopefully, more and more people are willing to contribute to teach at PAUD, especially at Sanggar Fortune,” said Yulfi after teaching the children.