Agung Concern – Case Studies


Agung Concern, started as Car Rental Company, is one of leading Indonesian transportation services. It has expanded to various aspects of transportation services (forwarding service, automotive dealership and many others).

The objectives

  • To rejuvenate their brands
  • To create new positioning that fit to their expansion plan
  • To create guideline in communicating their brands


Fortune PR through brand strategy development unit, Verbrand – assisted Agung Concern in rejuvenating their brand via brand strategy development process.

The process consists of :

  1. Stakeholder mapping and research
  2. Brand strategy development workshops
  3. Communicate the strategy development
  4. Brand manual book development
  5. Internal and external socialization of brand manual book


The newly rejuvenate Agung Concern’s brands has lead Agung Concern to reshape their businesses and create more focus strategies in increasing their growth and expansion plans.