Prepare Yourself to Welcome 'The Thief in the Night'

Christmas Celebration with People of Fortune Group
Still in the wrap of the spirit of Jesus Christ’s birth, on January 4, 2013 Fortune Group held a Christmas celebration located in Agus Salim room on the first floor of Galaktika Building. About 20 Christian people (Fortune Group employees) were enthusiastically engaged in the entire event that began at 4 pm. Besides being a moment to pray together, this celebration was also held to glue togetherness and strengthen the tie of kinship among the people.
Stepping into 2013, this regular people’s annual event was convened under the theme “Are We Ready for His Coming?” (Matthew 25: 1-13). This theme was chosen to equip the church to face signs of the end times, as well as to prepare for Jesus’ unexpected coming, which is why it is often described as the ‘Thief in the Night’.
The event was opened solemnly with worship songs and prayer, followed by the Liturgy of the creation and the fall of man read alternately by the congregation. Then, in unison, the congregation recited the prophecy of the Savior’s birth accompanied by the choir’s hymns that enhanced the solemn atmosphere.
After that, the contemplative reflection on holy Christmas began. It was preceded by the song titled “Thy Word is The Lamp Unto My Feet”. The Christmas sermon was delivered by Rev. Dr. Christantio Nurdin from Kalvari Indonesian Baptist Church. In his sermon, Christantio was never tired of reminding the whole church to hastily prepare for Jesus’ soon coming as king of kings. “He is coming. He is on his way here, “said Christantio.
However, Christantio continued, no one knows exactly when ‘the thief’ is coming. “One thing for sure, He will take us and lift us to the most beautiful place. And that will only happen if we are really well-prepared,” he concluded.
After reading the sermon, the pastor lit a large candle and shared the flame to Fortune Group leaders attending the event. As a symbol of togetherness, the company leaders continued sharing the flame to the whole church accompanied by the song ‘Silent Night’.
Director of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk Muljadi Sulaeman closed the entire event by making intercession for the unity of the church, the country, the company and management, as well as the whole group. As the ultimate closing, Director of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk Indra Abidin was deliberately present to feel the solemnity of Christmas celebration together with the people as well as to convey a message from the board for everybody.
At that moment, Indra reminded the people not to be tired to help promote clients’ businesses as an effort to maintain their confidence in the company. This effort, said Indra, is also part of our efforts to strengthen communities and improve the quality of the nation. “Therefore, what should be the main idea in us is to give more than what we have promised to the clients. Always try to give something beyond their expectations, “said Indra.
In addition, they must also be a leader for themselves, families, and communities. It is a leader who will spread goodness through his attitude and demeanor. “Together with the principles of kinship and integrity, this attitude should be transmitted to all people, especially young people who will take this company very far ahead,” said Indra.
Although the preparation was done only in a matter of days, the event that was closed by a dinner with the church and all people of Fortune Group was proceeding according to plan. “All parties strongly support this event, especially the support team that helped us organize everything,” said Executive Secretary Deborah Dolly Siregar as the organizing committee. “It was good to get together with all the people like this. It was unexpected that everybody would enthusiastically come to our event. Hopefully, more people will come to enliven this kind of event once it is held again, “said Dolly.
Tetty Sihombing, Fortune PR Senior Consultant and leader of the choir, was no less enthusiastic. “Unbelievable. Despite the minimal preparation due to busyness, everyone was still excited at the event. In fact, some were willing to be singers throughout the event to help accompany the whole church, “said Tetty. “What made it more commendable is that the minimal preparation made us feel unified and close to each other. This is the most important thing, “said Tetty.