What’s Left of Media Relations in the Digital Age

Media Relations Highlights from Fortune PR on UMM Student Visit
The rapid development of the digital age leaves less and less room for media relations. Public Relation world that was once attached to media relations is now able to reach a wider public because of the social media presence. PR practitioners are not totally dependent on media because social media allows them to make direct contact with public. If so, what is left of media relations in the digital age?
This became the highlight of the Associate Director of Media Relations and Fortune PR Digital Specialist Edwin Irvanus and Fortune PR Senior Media Relations Specialist Anisa ‘Icha’ Nurhayati on a visit of students in the second semester of Communication Sciences of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to Fortune PR on Wednesday, January 23, 2013.
In his lecture, Edwin said that a PR practitioner must be willing to find out more about the targeted media. To know these journalists more closely, Icha gave some tips. First, do a little research by tracing their writings. Not just in print media, but also in their blog and tweets on twitter. Learn their character and writing style. Moreover, do not hesitate to track the journalists on Facebook or other social media. “Who knows, we have a connection or similarity with the journalists. Such things can help smooth the relations with them, “said Icha.
The second tip, Icha continued, is not to be afraid to call. But, Icha also reminded that any PR practitioner should know when to call. “We do not phone on the deadline because it would have been very disturbing to them,” she said. Therefore, the third suggestion from Icha in dealing with the media is to speak briefly in line with the context when communicating via telephone. Lastly, be the info axis. When a journalist is in need of information from the company, a PR practitioner should be able to be a good informant by providing sufficient and useful supply of data.
Getting the insight never given yet in college, the visiting participants said they were very enthusiastic. “This is the first time we come to a consultant of Fortune PR level and we can learn directly from our seniors about the real practice of the profession of PR. Because we are still in the second semester and know very little about what PR is, the material presented really gave us enlightenment. So now we know about the world of PR, and are more challenged to choose PR as the major later, “said Risman Silawane, one of the participants as well as chairman of association of the students majoring in communication science in UMM.
Arif Hidayatulloh, the lecturer of public relations course in the Department of Communication Science of UMM, also claimed to be much helped by the visit to Fortune PR. “This visit helps me to explain more easily to students regarding the realization of the lessons they learn in class in the world of work. The explanation was given in a simple way and easy to understand. Next year, we will have to come here again, “said Arif excitedly.