A Formula for Neutralizing Working Overfullness

Playing Basketball and Get-Together with Kobatun
Indeed, it is not easy to escape for a moment from the agency life that is often overrun by an insane working overtime. However, for creative people like Fortuners, they have never been running out of ideas in neutralizing the overfullness of the work. The easiest way is through playing sports; one of them is in Fortune Basketball Community (Komunitas Basket Fortune) that is also popularly called Kobatun.
Driven by the immense love of basketball, Kobatun was officially formed on December 6, 2011. The exact time when the basketball activities among Fortuners started for the first time is still unknown, and, yet, no one can trace it. “The activity of playing basketball among the Fortuners has already been existed for a long time. Therefore, the establishment of this club becomes a complement of its long activity records,” said Farai Tody Syalar, senior media planner of Touchpoint and the chairman of Kobatun.

Up until now, Kobatun held its regular practices on every Wednesday at 20:00 -22:00 WIB. As it has been running for a year, this club has been showing a progressive record. Before, it was originally conducted on Ragunan field and, now, Kobatun training field moves to an elite area at La Codefin, Kemang.
The total active members continue to increase, reaching nearly twenty people from various subsidiaries and brand units of PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk. In fact, to encourage the spirit of its member in doing practices, the club, whose logo is a gorilla, also have their own jersey!
To give more courage to its members, Kobatun does not only hold basketball practices solely with the Fortuners. They also often invite their friends from other agencies to do sparing activities.
According Tody, Kobatun, indeed, has no plans and never been following the usual competitions organized for the agency. “Our spirit is not to pursue any rewards, but to be fit and healthy. In plus, the get-together routine is the most important thing, so that we all remain solid,” said Tody. Kobatun’s membership, Tody continued, always opens to all people who love basketball, even for the female Fortuners.
The art director of Pegasus Fortune Indonesia, Satria Gredy Manggala, also expressed his enthusiasm to be part of Kobatun’s active members. “When I have a lot of works to do, the easiest way for refreshing is by playing basketball with the kids. Its get-together time is indeed the most wanted activity,” said Gredy. “Whenever we have to do overtime, we usually still do try to keep playing basketball. Just for two hours, and then we immediately back to the office to continue the works we have left before. Usually, it is already good enough to recharge our mood to work,” he said.
In addition to Kobatun, all Fortuners are welcome to join other sports clubs owned by PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk. There are Futsal Community Fortune (Kosaltun), Badminton Association of Fortune (Fortune PB), as well as Fortune Aerobic or commonly abbreviated as Aerotun.